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Frequent Questions

Can I pay online?

Yes. As the manager of your Yellow Page Directory Services Listing, you can register your account online using your account or tracking number from your order or renewal form. Once your information is verified, you can sign-in and pay with credit card or set-up ACH. Please let us know if you have any questions. Email or call (321) 254-6012.

How do I update my listing information?

You can register your account online to claim your business listing information. Locate your online listing and click the link to Claim this Business. Or, if you have a renewal form or documentation you received in the mail that includes your account or tracking number, you can register your online account here. Once your information is verified, you can login anytime and update or add additional information about your business.

What is an enhanced listing?

Our enhanced listing offer includes priority placement within our search directories and a custom advertisement design to accompany your listing. Learn more about our advertising services or contact us for more information. Companies with enhanced listings usually see increased web traffic and reach a wider audience of potential customers.

Will I get taken to collections?

Never. We are a contract-free company. Our services are billed annually, but you may cancel your enhanced listing at any time. View our terms and conditions for complete details.

Why are there so many yellow page companies?

In general, the term "yellow pages" is used to refer to a directory of businesses organized by category. In the United States, variations of the "Walking Fingers" logo and Yellow Pages related company names are used by several publishers. Now that directory based advertising is largely online, the multitude of directory publishers is more visible, which can be confusing. Yellow Pages is not a registered business name, but rather a category of advertisement publishing. The number of directory websites and yellow page companies continues to grow as online technologies and commerce evolves.

Online directories benefit small businesses by offering advertising opportunities across multiple media networks to reach varied target audiences. Online directories benefit consumers because they can quickly access all the information held in a printed directory through a few clicks online or even from their mobile device. Learn more about how we can help with your business marketing strategies to reach new customers or contact us directly with questions.

Why is my company not listed first on google search result pages?

It is important to consider what sort of keywords or phrases your customers would use to find your business. For example: If a family wanted to get some ice cream while in Miami, FL, they might search online for "best ice cream Miami" or "ice cream shop Florida".

Most consumers actually search with specific phrases to find what they need, rather than broad search keywords such as "ice cream". This is good news for businesses because you can focus on optimizing your information for local search and the keyword phrases most relevant to your customers so they can find you easily. Contact us for more information or a free consultation to learn how our advertising services could boost your search result rankings.

Have a Question?

Contact our customer service team with questions about our advertising services.

Why Original Yellow?

Accurate listings and multiple links to your website help your business rise to the top of search results, in turn helping customers find you faster. Millions of searches are performed on our websites for local medical providers, restaurants, lawyers, and much more, contributing to wider exposure and discovery for those listed within our network. Our custom advertising packages are offered at affordable yearly rates and we provide statistics reports for you to easily track your success.

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